Finding Rocky

Hello / Kia Ora 

Thank you for joining us as we continue looking for our favourite canine kid, Rocky. He went missing on April 16 and while there has been multiple sitings of him, we've not managed to locate him yet. 

We are here for the duration and rather than giving up as the time has gone on, we are becoming more determined. Far too many dogs (and cats) are being taken on a daily basis by people who are not their original 'parents'.

It's not okay.
It has to stop.
And the best way that we as the public can help to change this is to share, share, share.. 

Rocky is Mary Trauvetter's very loved furkid. Mary and Rocky were together for 11 years before he went missing, and I was blessed to live with them for over a year when he was 7. During this time, just like everyone who met him, I fell in love with Rocky, or Rockles/Rockle-pops as I used to call him. He is fun. funny, charming, occasionally demanding with a resounding 'hmmmph' if we weren't paying attention or a very endearing upwards 'phhhf' of his breath to move his hair out of his eyes when he was in need of a groom. 

Rocky loves to play, doesn't like loud noises (a general trait of the Llaso Apso breed), is obsessed with chasing tennis balls at the beach, enjoys treats in general but has gourmet tastes if the humans allow it.. eye fillet and brie cheese get an enthusiastic paws up from Rocky. 

Mary was out for a few hours on April 16 and had left a door open slightly for fresh air. An exceptionally loud thunder storm rolled through Castor Bay during this time and Rocky managed to squeeze through the door and ran out onto the road. A lady tried to catch him but he was on the run in terror. Thunder made Rocky fall out of his fur at the best of times and this was a Very Big thunder storm.  ...Not long after it seems a kind person picked Rocky up and took him with them. Rocky had his collar on but the phone number was out of date, so the lovely people likely tried to phone. 

Rocky is microchipped and registered as missing. He is missing quite a few teeth and has underlying health conditions that require treatment. 

I am adding photos to this page as Rocky is a bit of a chameleon and can have many looks depending on how he is groomed. We also imagine he won't have quite the same cheeky sparkle and happy personality he used to as he is very attached to his Mum. No matter how lovely the people are who have him, no one could ever beat the connection he has with Mary. 

We have a Facebook group for Finding Rocky and you are welcome to join us here -

If you have ANY information regarding Rocky, we would love to hear from you. 
Mary -   021 454 580
Sonja  - 021 763 060

CONFIDENTIAL - if you have Rocky or know who does, please will you phone us or take him to the nearest vet. Just say you found him wandering in the park, on the beach etc.. We don't mind, we just want him safely home.  Please ... 

REWARD PAID to whoever returns Rocky or provides the information that leads to Rocky's safe return. $1500 =