Chemical free, long lasting and waterproof. Simply clip it & go

Dog and cat flea and tick prevention that is safe for your pet & your family

Petite Paws

Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats and Dogs
800g - 15kg

Grande Paws

Flea and Tick Prevention For Dogs
10kg - 50kg



"Our 11yo lab Rosie’s arthritis had been an issue for a long time. When she started wearing Pawtect in 2017 it was like she was a different dog. It’s so easy to clip on too so no chasing her around on her sore legs to give her the old chemical based stuff she used to hate."

Owen Schulties Gold Coast, Australia

"I wanted to let you know Pawtect has been working so well for our dog, May. She has been wearing the Pawtect pendants for eight years now and in addition to being flea and tick free, we’ve noticed she doesn’t have the usual doggy smell anymore. I always get comments from people at the park how healthy and shiny her coat is. Everything improved when she started wearing Pawtect. Plus it’s great being able to avoid the chemical based treatments, especially as our children would forget and hug her. "

Kim & Andrew Baird, Auckland, New Zealand

"Poppy’s anxiety was causing major behavioural issues. Her Pawtect really calmed her down. We originally got Pawtect to help protect her from the horrid ticks and fleas here in Aussie but it’s helped Poppy become a far more happy doggie. "

Joey Queensland, Australia

Fleas drive everyone crazy, especially the pets they are living on

Pawtect is chemical-free, stylish, waterproof and long-lasting. Dog flea and tick prevention is a hot topic, especially when it comes to the choice between insecticide based options versus natural dog flea and tick repellent.

No more watching your dog cringe as you advance with the strong smelling topical solutions, or your children screw up their faces when they’ve accidentally hugged the dog or cats neck meaning a dose of topical repellent for them too.

"Mopar is our family pet. He is a nine year old Staffordshire bullterrier. 

We live in a rural environment, Mopar is around stock and my horses all the time. He is always rummaging into rabbit holes and rolling, not only in the long grass and dust but also in many other smelly things. He thinks he smells and looks great. 

I was talking to a friend of mine with dogs and she told me about the Pawtect pendant. I arranged to get one, and when told it is a natural remedy I was even more into it.

I took Mopar off the commercial remedy and have not put him back on it. I am not having to wash his bedding daily, although I think Mopar misses the warm fabric of his bag straight out of the dryer.

I recommend this product to any dog owner. Mopar is never without his little bullet hanging from his collar.

Not only does this product work, but it is exceptional value for money. "

Paula Taylor & Mopar, Kaukapakapa Auckland

Caring for your pet naturally since 2011

Protecting our fur babies as naturally as possible is important. Our stylish chemical-free Pawtect pendants have been providing dog flea and tick prevention for over 10years. The Petite Paws pendants support cat flea and tick prevention too but please make sure your cat is used to wearing a collar before you purchase the Pawtect pendant.