Our Values

We are committed to minimising the use of chemicals/insecticides on our pets and want to offer you the same opportunity for your furkids.

At Pawtect we endeavour to provide effective healthy alternatives for pest management.

When I discovered the technology behind Pawtect had been in use for over 10 years with people, I felt compelled to develop the opportunity for pets to benefit also. We have now been providing Pawtect and other natural pet products internationally for over seven years and look forward to bringing you new products in the future.

Choosing natural products to help manage pests for our pets isn’t always the fastest or most convenient option but it does mean we are aiming to take the best possible care of them. Surely it makes sense then that we as pet parents may also be supporting a healthier life for our furkids than if they were treated monthly with chemical based products.

No one explains the benefits of Pawtect better than our customers, we invite you to read what they have to say - check out our reviews! 

Here at Pawtect HQ we love hearing from you and are happy to chat about your pets needs.

Animals aren’t a ‘one size fits all product’, so it makes sense that some animals may need more support than others.
Our aim is to suggest the best Pawtect pendant or combination of products that may support your ideal outcome. We may not have all of the products you need but we love furkids and will endeavour to send you in the right direction if extra support is needed.

Wishing you a fur-bulous day,

Sonja & the Pawtect team

Extra purrs from Etta James & Lenny Kravtiz