How Pawtect Works

Pawtect's break through repellant technology

We match up pest repelling frequencies and health support frequencies to offer well rounded protection for your pet.

Easy to use. Simply clip and go.

Pawtect is the everyday natural protection for your pet. It's simple to use, effective, waterproof, long lasting and stylish.

Pawtect Works

The Pawtect is a lightweight metal pendant charged with a unique frequency formula that effectively repels fleas and ticks.

The Pawtect pendant uses your pet's natural energy to transport pest repelling frequencies, creating a natural and effective barrier against the fleas and ticks. The pendant contains silicon balls programmed with the unique frequency formula.

For maximum effectiveness, the Pawtect needs to remain with your pet. If you remove the collar at night, please place it as close to your pet's bed as possible.

Yes. The Pawtect pendant is activated as soon as it is removed from the foil pouch. Activation does not mean that your pet is immediately protected. It takes time for the Pawtect to work with your pets energy field to create the protection. Maximum effectiveness is achieved in 14-21 days. Young, elderly or sick pets may take longer

Pawtecct assists your pets in several ways.

1) Creates a frequency barrier to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and sandflies.

2) Supports your pet's immune system, encouraging better overall health.

When their immune system is strong your pet is less appealing to pests and less susceptible to allergic reactions.

Every system, cell and molecule of living creatures vibrates within a certain range of frequencies - with each having an ideal frequency. This ideal is called the Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF).

The unique combination of natural frequencies infused into the Pawtect pendant, and accompanying split ring, repel the pests and support your pet attaining/maintaining its ideal Harmonic Resonance Frequency.

Pawtect's goal is a healthy animal, free from pests and with a strong immune system. The frequencies within Pawtect are designed to support this with reported benefits including: increased vitality, minimised allergies, a calmer demeanour in anxious pets, healthier skin and coat and improved mobility in elderly pets.

Getting The Most From Your Pet's Pawtect

The Pawtect pendant is worn year round, offering your pet natural protection from fleas and ticks throughout all seasons.

No. Pawtect is non-toxic.

No. Pawtect is chemical-free and non toxic so it will not kill fleas. The ideal starting point is a flea and flea-larvae free pet.

During the activation period, your pet is receiving the new frequencies. If flea or tick larvae is present during this time the larvae may acclimatise to the new environment, become resistant and reproduce.

Yes, Pawtect pendants are being worn by pets on farms and in rural areas. Due to the naturally higher levels of fleas and ticks in these areas some pets may require extra protection.

Absolutely. Pawtect is most commonly used as a primary means of protection for pets. For the particularly flea or tick prone pet, Pawtect pendants can be used as additional support to your existing program.

The Pawtect pendant protects for up to 12 months.

Pawtect may repel for up to 24 months depending on your pet's diet, health and environment.

Important Pawtect Recommendations -

Dogs over 55kg will require two Pawtect pendants.

Yes. Pawtect is safe to use from a puppy or kitten's birth, during pregnancy and lactation.
We have breeders who've found Pawtect particularly supportive.

No the Pawtect will not affect the microchip.

While Pawtect pendants are designed for domestic use we have had farmers say that the pendant has reduced the number of ticks their working dogs pick up.
Our recommendation would be to use the Pawtect as an additional method of protection for a farm dog or in high flea and tick population areas.

Each pet requires their own Pawtect pendant as the frequencies within the pendant synchronise with the pets body energy.

While designed for cats and dogs we have customers using Grande paws pendants on their pet sheep and goats.

Pawtect pendants are manufactured in Europe for Prevent+ Ltd, New Zealand